New This Year Is The Frostbite Physics And Visual Engine In Madden NFL 18

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Madden NFL 18

In the last year, Madden 17 introduced new “big moments” that shaped your player and your team’s future. New this year is the Frostbite physics and visual engine that will power the next-gen Madden experience. Gameplay-wise, a new feature called Target Passing will give you better passing control, allowing you to throw the ball to who you want in the exact spot on the field.

In this year’s Madden 18, along with a unique and brand new mode, titled Longshot, this is Madden NFL’s first-ever cinematic and playable story mode, according to EA. You play Devin Wade, a prospect who’s faded from the spotlight. Longshot follows Devin Wade’s attempt to finally make an NFL roster after being the forgotten high school and college football star. Longshot allows you to play as Devin in a number of different phases of his life.

EA brought the franchise over to the Frostbite engine for Madden 18, a move that makes this narrative-driven first-person account possible in a sports game. If traditional play calling is too tough, Madden 18 is introducing three new play styles: Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. For the information of three new play styles, we highly recommend you to visit here, the full news about Madden 18, enjoy it.