What Is Your Favorite Part Of Bless Online?

Bless Online is a MMORPG created by a Korean studio, Neowiz, in collaboration with Epic Games. The action is placed in a medieval world filled with fantasy elements: magic, dragons, and other dangerous creatures. What has you most exited for Bless Online?

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Bless Online

1. I’m excited that the game has arenas and battlegrounds. It also is a skilled based game. People who’s expecting to be gear carried in Bless will not like it. You actually get rewarded for PvPing. It is pretty much the opposite of BDO which is great.

2. I’m most excited for the start of Early Access. As we all know, nothing beats the atmosphere of everyone starting in the same zones and going from scratch. Best time to be in an MMO with the world being so alive with players running everywhere. Of course I want to try everything that comes with this game. Been waiting since it was first announced.

3. I’m most excited that it’s a new game that looks fairly fun and has a decent amount of hype attached to it. My favorite part about MMOs/online games is experiencing something new with lots of other players. The first few weeks of a new MMO are some of my favorite gaming memories.

4. I’m excited for the large scale pvp as well, I just hope the optimization updates will allow it to be playable even if you don’t have the best of the best rig.

5. Mass PvP for sure! And also dungeons, I hope there are some difficult ones (I didn’t play asian version so I dont know how do they look like) with hard mobs/bosses. I like games like wow/old lineage 2 where party composition and knowledge matters not black desert or revelation – you can be brain dead in bdo and still kill mobs and bosses with ease.

6. A game that seems to have interesting PVP (but not only PVP) but also seems like, at the very least, it won’t be ridiculously P2W like certain other games with good PVP systems are. Also the world/lore and stuff seems pretty cool tbh even if it does turn out to be not very good I think I’ll at least enjoy that.