Path Of Exile: GGG Announced The First Blood Starter Pack

In Path of Exile, GGG just launched a special bundle: the First Blood Starter Pack for those of you who have just joined their community. The pack contains a Stash Tab, a Weapon Effect and 200 points.

The First Blood Starter Pack was designed for beginners to get on their way in Wraeclast, but it’s also a great deal for many players who have been enjoying Path of Exile for a while now. Check out the video of the First Blood Weapon Effect below.

You should note: It’s only possible to purchase one First Blood pack per account; this pack can’t be upgraded to any Supporter pack; you can’t upgrade to this pack from pure point purchases.

In fact, As always with advice, depends. If they are only ever going to spend $20 then obviously the first blood pack is superior. Meanwhile, please buy poe currency cheap when you lack of currency in game.

If there’s a chance they would but a $30 pack or higher in the future (within the window that the purchase would not expire) then you have to consider the “need” of those 50 points and tab, and preference for the weapon effect over a supporter pack.

If you spend $20 for 200 points, then you can later put that $20 purchase towards the discounted price of a good value and decent quality pack / supporter-pack. However this is just shite for $20 that stops you from doing that & leaves you with a useless extra small tab to manage for your effort.

The only way this would have been of any actual value, is if the pack took your starting tabs and turned them all premium.

So you get a free NON-PREMIUM tab and a free weapon MTX essentially. The problem is this can’t be upgraded to a supporter pack so for newer players this really isn’t that good. I think if they changed the tab type to premium that might be enough to be worth it.