The auction house in Forza Horizon 4 was blocked by players

There are many rare vehicles in Forza Horizon 4 that are very popular among players, but they are not so easy to get. Some players do not meet the system requirements, and some players miss some games. All of these will make players Missed by those rare vehicles.

The less easy it is to get, the more it can evoke people’s desires. This is the case. Some players have found the opportunity to use the auction house in the game to trade with those players who need it, thus gaining certain benefits.

Mclaren F1 -

At the beginning, everything went smoothly, but as time went by, more players knew the secrets. They took a simple and effective way to constantly refresh the auction house, as long as they found rare The vehicle will be purchased immediately. This has caused many players to get their favorite vehicles through the auction house, because the hottest cars will be taken away by others when they first appear.

Many players have very opinions on this. They think that there are some problems in the auction house, but judging by the laws of the market, the existence of the auction house reduces the price of rare vehicles to a certain extent. If there is no auction house, all transactions can only be made through private individuals. Private trading will make the prices even worse when buying from third parties. Naturally if you are buying from a friend, or gifting cars, it’s better. But one of the things that tempers prices Now is the fact that anyone can snipe cars on the AH, since it is fundamentally public. If this is removed, then folks possessing the ultra-rares (812, formerly the Capri FE, HS cars), will be empowered to post their cars On places like /r/ForzaAuctions for far higher prices, and likely move into IRL dough (though that sub bans that now).

If the supply is limited to existing owners who sell their vehicles on the forum, they can charge more because there is no other way to get it. If private deals become one thing, cars like 812, HS cars, and possibly PO cars will no longer be sold at public auction houses, except for the rare naive lads who don’t realize their value. Therefore, if the only way to get private transactions is, the price will rise. You can “buy” other private sellers, but fundamentally, the car becomes a single source, which allows the source to freely price the cars they feel.

As for the sniper, it is not stealing. The focus of the auction house is to sell cars in public forums. If I slam their car, do I feel bad and offer someone millions of dollars? of course. But I don’t give them a car, I don’t even give them full price because they don’t have the right to enjoy it.

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