All Escape from Tarkov locations ranked from worst to best

In just a few weeks (but this is not certain), the developers of Escape from Tarkov will issue the most ambitious and long-awaited location in the game – “Streets of Tarkov“. In anticipation of this event, I have compiled a personal and highly subjective list of playable locations, where each is rewarded according to merit.

All Escape from Tarkov locations ranked from worst to best

1. Reserve

On the left you can see the tower, from which an excellent view of the entire map opens. Some players affectionately refer to it as a rooster’s roost.

This is the last map created for Escape from Tarkov so far, and it shows that the developers have grown a lot while making the game. The landscape is varied, the map is full of interesting places, thanks to the marks on the buildings it is easy to navigate on it (which is important for playing in a squad), and the amount of loot is generally my respect. This splendor is compensated for by the relatively high difficulty of exiting the map, and even by evil bots-raiders led by Capercaillie – that is, an ideal formula for Tarkov has been created, as for me – you can get a lot, but the chances of losing your loot are great. For farming for the Wild card, there is no alternative at all – some cartridges of the level 5.45×39 BP / BT can, with some luck, collect several hundred, not to mention the fact that sometimes you can “eat up” the loot from the corpses of raiders and PMCs that fought with them.

2. Customs

Sometimes it seems that I know these places better than the surroundings of my home.

A perfectly balanced card with initially great potential, which was desperately lacking in width in the initial iteration. Three years ago, this map would have shared the honorable last place with Les, but recently the developers got around to expanding and deepening it, so the variability of its passage has dramatically increased, as well as my opinion about it. What can I say – a classic location where every beginner did his first quests. Untie half of these quests from the hostel and the price would not be there.

3. Shoreline

It seems that the location in terms of colors is the same as the others – but it evokes an exclusively autumn mood for me.

In a way, this map is like a Forest – one large point of interest and a large open space around. But there is a difference and a big one. First, the map can be crossed at least five points along its entire length. Second: the main point of interest – the Sanatorium is not an arena that can be shot from all sides, namely that the sanatorium is a large complex of several buildings with an adjacent territory, where there is something to look for and explore. Third: there are much more points of interest on the map than one: a gas station, a village, a sunken farm, a sea station, a weather station, an island – even if there is not too much loot, but it still exists and there is someone to fight for it, it is still far from all PMCs on the map run to the sanatorium. Fourth, due to the size of the map, there are much fewer campers here. In general, my impressions of the card are extremely positive, but without enthusiasm.

4. The Lab

Bright, stylish, youthful – with the appearance of the Laboratory, everything is fine.

In short, this is the Steroid Factory – a large and varied PvP arena for streamers and nagging folders, both real and imaginary. The general principle for EFT “If you took something in a raid, then consider that you don’t have it” for this card is double, if not tripled – nothing is returned from this card under the insurance, and dying here is as easy as shelling pears. The closest analogy that I have with this card is a gentlemen’s club: it is customary to dress here with a needle. However, no one bothers you to show off your skill and go out to bend the little ones with only one SCS in your hands.

5. Factory

As for me, there is something from the “Stalker” in this location.

A good map for PvP, which appeared together with Customs at the very beginning of the history of Escape from Tarkov. There is only one point of interest here, there is practically no loot as such – there is only you and your enemies, and the Wild, of course, who runs in a merry crowd to the noise of a shot. The card is adrenaline, funny, but too small and monotonous, and, frankly speaking, it got fed up with it for several years of playing.

P.S. If you want to bring a touch of horror to EFT – I recommend going to the Night Factory several times – the thrill will rise above the roof.

6. Interchange

Everything inside, alas, is not so colorful.

The only map in the game that is worth taking a night vision device for during the day. Inside the mall, there are a lot of dark places where you can’t see a damn thing even on a bright day. Personally, it annoys me as hell – that barely visible pile of rubbish in the corner may turn out to be a lurking PMC that takes aim at you. There is an objectively unpleasant moment at the Interchange: in my humble experience, there is somehow anomalously developed camping at the exits from the location – so often before exfiltration, I did not die on any other map. In general, if we take the Forest as the standard of the bad card, then the Decoupling cannot be called bad – it is much better in some aspects: the location itself is more diverse, there is a lot of loot and an interesting boss.

7. Woods

But under each of these trees a camper could lie, mmm …

I think that no one, except for Chinese sportsmen, will argue with me that Woods is the worst card in the game. It has very little loot, points of interest, and (surprisingly, given its name) workarounds. But this card is an expanse for campers! Literally, a couple of fighters can control the movement of the rest on the map, taking the so-called “sniper stone” south of the sawmill, and in other places, it is as easy as shelling pears to camp. Even the recently added boss Navigator did not add any interest to the map – just another camper with SVD.

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