Best Way to Shoot in NBA 2K21

When playing NBA 2K21, choosing a shooting method that fits your style is one of the first crucial steps all players should consider. So what is the best way to shoot in NBA 2K21? Here, we introduced the three best ways to shoot that you can start using right away, to go from a brick master or average shooter to a walking bucket. Don’t forget, in addition to the NBA 2K21 guide, you can also buy 2k21 mt through us, low price, safe and fast!

1. Turn Meter Off

Turn Meter Off

Now, let’s get into the best way to shoot in NBA 2K21, that’s playing with the shot meter off.

If you want to change the shot meter you have a couple of different options. You will need to head into the controller settings from the main menu and then scroll down to the “Shot Meter” options. Here you will find that you can have the shot meter on or off, and you can change it to free throws only.

This not involves the new Shot Stick Aiming system and revert to the timing-based shooting, whether you use the button or right stick with the timing shot meter, a way to adjust to the shot meter shooting jumpers is to increase the use of off-balance shots, as it slows the meter down for you as your player loads up to shoot with shot stick aiming which is pulling down on the right stick, you don’t have to time it. You can keep the stick held the entire time, or let it go as soon as you flick the right stick down, you will receive no penalty, you do get a boost if you aim and time your jumper. Earlier locking in your shot at the optimal time by pressing the left or right trigger.

2. Shot Stick Aiming

Shot Stick Aiming

The second way to shoot in NBA 2K21 is using the Shot Stick without the left or right trigger.

Shot aiming in NBA 2K21 is a new way to shoot where you aim your shot during the shooting animation by moving the right stick to move a bar into a zone on the shot meter. Like with button shooting, the aiming shot meter shows above your player’s head.

You start by pulling down on the right stick on your controller, starting the shooting animation, and pulling up the shot aiming meter. While holding the right stick down, you then move the stick left or right to aim the bar in the middle of the yellow zone.

3. Shot Stick Aiming + Left/Right Trigger

The biggest boost you can receive is using Shot Stick Aiming, which is holding the right stick down, then tapping the left or right trigger before you release the ball which locks your meter and prevents it from moving anywhere and doing this at the optimal point in your jumper.

Hope this guide helped you step up your game and be sure to check out here for more NBA 2K21 guides, tips, and tricks!